Im a Dick!

  1. Im a Dick!

    Some may remember me, most won't. This board had been an invaluable part of my life especially when I lost my brother. Thanks for that!

    I made a true friend, a best friend, future...everything here. Then I went through some personal crap, and rode a road I hope no one here does. In the midst of my 'journey' I left my friend in a time she needed me most.

    I am a dick! Or as a text just came across, I am a jerk...

    To this woman, I publicly apolgize, I am at your feet and am humble. You are a strong, beautiful, tough,amazing woman, and I could only hope my daughters turn in to half the woman you are.

    You were there for me... I wasnt there for you.

    Im a dick!

  2. and, shes an angel! A heart like no other.

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