Hi all I'm REISS I've been kicking about on this site for while and many others and finally decided. To sign up bit about my self

11.6stone give or take
Body fat I believe around 12 to 14%
Lifting on and off for few years now. It past year and half has been good

Mostly my supplements are
Creatine mono
Various shakes thru out whole time
Amino acids

Reason joined up Is ph's seem to be talked about more on this site.

I've currently ordered

C.e.l p mag X2
C.e.l cycle assit
And my pct can't think of name right now but I'll look later lol.

Got milk thistle as well

Looking to run my cycle in few weeks

1week befor milk thistle
On cycle week 1 p mag 50mg and cycle assist

Week 2 to week 5/6 p mag 75 plus assist

Then my pct

Thats my plan cheers