mobile fitness/calorie app reviews

  1. mobile fitness/calorie app reviews

    Recently purchased a droid razr HD Maxx and am looking for reviews on calorie/workout trackers. heard a lot about my fitness pal . How is the one AM provides? Specifically I really don't want to have to log on to the internet every time I want to usse one. Sometimes I eat/lift were there is ZERO signal. Need an app that can be accessed at all times. Much thanks.

  2. i use gymrat on my droid. i like it because its easy to add exercises that arnt in the database. and you can create your whole routine for easy tracking. i also have fivethreeone on droid. havnt gotten to use it yet, just throwing it out there. suposed to setup your 5/3/1 routine for the whole month once you put in your 1rm in bench, squat, dl, and ohp.

    i used to use mynetdiary for macro tracking, but i do that in my head now

  3. Much appreciated. i hadn't heard of those but will check them out today.

  4. I use: Calorie counter by fatsecret and "Lifting log" lifting log asks what exercise, rest time and reps thats it. Itll give you a progrews graph as well...
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