So who's a BIG Stallone Fan!!!

  1. So who's a BIG Stallone Fan!!!

    Just a stupid post, who else here started working out because of STALLONE? I remember when I was a little kid watching Rambo and rocky and just thinking how awesome is this guy! As I got older(32 now) I have actually based my look on his, trying to sculpt into something similar to how he looks NOW and how crazy is that! He keeps me so motivated and seeing him in these new movies ripped as ever is just plain awesome!!! Always been a Arny fan too, but to me Stallone has a better look and just more bad a$$ I am probably a few years out, gotta get leaner but my size is there. Just wondering if any one else is as big as a sly fan as me?? Sly your the sh$t keep pushing brother!!!

  2. Stallone got me in Rocky 4. The guys looks like actual granite lol.

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