Who's Your Favorite Athlete of all Time?

  1. Who's Your Favorite Athlete of all Time?

    Who's the best of all-time? Who's your favorite? Me would have to be Michael Jordan hands down the best athlete of all time

  2. The best athlete is an almost impossible questiom because every sport requires a somewhat different skill set. Any choice will certainly be impossible to back up. One says MJ, One says Usian Bolt. Both are not right and both are not wrong. My favorite is Peyton Manning though.

  3. Wanderlei Silva is by far my favorite athlete. Most dominant of all time is easily Alexander Kharelin.
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  4. Love Wanderlei Silva! He's a great guy too, and a beast in the ring...

  5. Also love Alistair Overeem, prolly gonna get shyt for that haha but I been a fan of his since back in pride...would love to see him get that UFC title...hopefully...K-1 champ, strikeforce champ, dream champ...

  6. Castor Semenya
    Do you even lift?

  7. muhammad ali
    dwight howard
    lawrence taylor
    rob gronkowski
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  8. Jim Thorpe,
    Bo Jackson,
    Magic Johnson,
    Kobe Bryant,
    Joe Montana.


  9. Rocky Marciano.


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