Little discouraged

  1. Little discouraged

    I know i was sick last week, ( flu i think) and when I went to the gym yesterday, I attempted chest! I was amazed at the strength i lost!!! Everything dropped, like 15pds, and even that was a huge struggle.......I was able to complete my routine, chest, abs, cardio but by the end i was ready for a nap!!!!!!! Please tell me my strength will return, I mean its been 3 days, I should be stronger ??????

    I was playing with the idea of taking a suppliment that would give me a boost ( redline gels) but don't want to get back into the suppliment thing again( was taking WAY TO MANY before)..........

  2. being sick always screws with my strength as well. no big deal, next time you do chest, you'll should be back to normal or closer at least. no worries.

  3. Just give it more time, by next week or whenever you do chest again you should be back to norm.

  4. try a big cup of cofee and some B-12 great

  5. i had the same problem almost... i was sick for about a week with a fever and dull headache...
    i stayed out of the gym for about 6-7 days and then went back... my strength was still the same when i left but i got super tired; like i had just run a marathon... when your body is sick, its endurance suffers bigtime; it looks like it got you good...
    by the next workout 2 days later I was back up to snuff
    I wouldnt worry about it; completely normal

  6. Yea you might not be totally over your illness as well, your body takes a beating when your sick especially something like the flu. Give it a week or so and you'll jump back up.

  7. just take it easy during the day, eat good, try taking some extra B and C vitamins.

  8. thanks for the advice.....I am kinda balls to the walls or nothing....LOL Guess I have to find a mid gear!!!!

  9. I had a similar situation, save that mine was pneumonia. It really and truly sucks having to tone it down. Believe it or not, a good two weeks in mid gear will help more than anything else. Taking any kind of stimulant will not help things. If the body is struggling to recover, taking something to artificially speed up the system may be good while its in you, but can't help but pull you backwards when it wears off. You simply don't have the reserves to keep it up.

    Think about it, our immune system gets pasted by sickness, and we all head right back into tearing our bodies down further in the gym at the slightest sign we're getting better. We've all been there, so I don't know if its dedication or stupidity!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Set backs and struggle are bound to happen; how one responds will dictate progress.

    Without struggle, there is no progress

  11. Most likely just glycogen depletion, etc. from battling off the infection. You'll be good after a week or so of good eating

  12. You'll get it back, just eat right, REST, get lots of water, and be patient. I lost 20 pounds on my bench after the flu & bad diarrhea it took about 1 week to get back to normal. Might want to take some Echinecea, Zinc, & extra vitamin C next time you feel the syptoms.

  13. Black elderberry extract (Sambucol) is good for the immune system.. So is rest, try that..


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