MetalCore & Post Hardcore Workout Songs

  1. MetalCore & Post Hardcore Workout Songs

    Sup everyone...

    For those of you that like the genre, what songs have you been hittin the weights to lately?

    I can't post links or images yet so I can't post any vids.

    Here's one some I've been digging though. The intro gets me pumped up!

    Outline in Color - "Hope in the Wrong Hands (Mothership)


  2. here's another one I've been diggin

    Bury Tomorrow - Lionheart


  3. Song of the day..

    Issues - King of Amarillo


  4. Song of the day..

    Silent Screams - Pacific Highway


  5. Song of the day

    While She Sleeps - This is the Six


  6. Song of the day..

    Adestria - Outsiders


  7. Underoath
    More To life
    Midnight Souls
    At The Drive In
    A Past Unknown


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