Uh-Oh...Prohormone Bill

  1. Exclamation Uh-Oh...Prohormone Bill

    dont know if anyone else has heard of this, but a bill has been proposed to ban prohormones.

    The bill, cosponsored by the ex Nebraska Football coach Tom Osborne (dont know
    other guy)

    at the moment its still at committee level - and should hit the floor in the second
    session (bout january).

    i encourage all of you to write letters to your congressmen. few people do so
    yours will carry legitimate weight - and if everyone gets a letter it may very well
    have enough weight to tip the scales in our favor.

    please dont fall into the "someone else will do it" mentality - cuz then no one will
    do it.

    also, remember that when a bill hits the floor, there are also several others in
    question. a bill just isnt decided by its independent merit alone. everything in
    congress is a compromise - this bill may be passed simply as a compromise for
    another bill - so we need to give congress a reason not to pass it!

    so tell us what u think, and more importantly - get writing!

  2. here's an idea...make a format of a letter that everyone here can download and sign there own name to and send it in. I know that is a pain...but you gotta figure more people would send a letter it wasmade easier for them. Just a thought!

  3. you know i had an idea similar - but it was complicated and all that - urs is much better, and i think i'll do just that.

  4. It would be worth some karma for ya!!!

  5. i'm working on getting a list of names for all the reps for each state ... gimme a week or two for letters and i'll post it

    what i need from everyone are things they want in the letter

    points to be made - and evidence to back it up. i can do the bulk of the work - and dont mind at all - but some help wouldnt hurt either



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