Ephedra Homebrew

  1. Ephedra Homebrew

    I am curious if this would work, or if anyone has ever tried to do this. I think this would be a good idea, one wouldn't need as much. Are there any problems with making a homebrew with ephedra?

  2. yes - ephedra has to be ingested to be effective

  3. Originally posted by true_c
    yes - ephedra has to be ingested to be effective
    Why is that?

    I figured that as long as its molecular weight is within the range it has to be to permeate the dermis and get into the blood stream, then it would probably work. Whether it is even worth doing is another question .

  4. you know i dont recall why it has to be ingested - but it does - i will look into that and get back to u on it

  5. Where would you get pure ephedra. you can't just crush pills.. Talk to ya..
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  6. pure ephedra is sold in capsules at GNC and other places. Also, isn't there an extraction process as well if needs be?

  7. i dont mind buying the cheap ephadra stacks for 12$ ... not that big a load off my wallet for what it does for me ... im not worried.

  8. you dont want ephedra...you want ephrdrine hcl the pharmaceutical grade stuff...WHEW!!!! stuff makes you tweek!
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