Im New here looking for advice any and all advice would be appreciated thanks... Tore my patella tendon in my knee and shattered most of the bones in my left foot and lacerated some muscles and my liver was in a coma for 3 days last october in a car accident happy to be alive and mobile despite the injuries ive made quite a recovery just deal with occasional pain in my left knee and pain in my foot from bones that did not heal alligned correctly. I dropped from 175 to 150 after the accident and have recently put 10 pounds back on of muscle weighing in at 160 with a rough estimate of 8 % body fat. I joined your website because Ive haven't listened to doctors since i was 12 physical therapy was doing apsolutly nothing and always found my own way of solving my ailments with supplements and ect. Thought i would join a alliance with people who think like me lol. Really looking for advice for my knee and foot for pain and potential healing with hgh or anything else that i dont have tons of knowledge about .I would like to think i have a good base of knowledge but i know i dont know it all. PM me if you have any advice and help me learn more... And I plan on joining the military after i potentially heal my foot and knee please help and mabye a prayer or 2 if u believe in it a higher power is defently the only reason im still here