Any Good Books?

  1. Any Good Books?

    I'm always looking to expand my library, any suggestions for a good read? No genre in particular.

  2. I am Legend is the best book I have ever read. Completely different than the movie! I recondmend it to everyone.
    and the Hobbit is great too

  3. Not sure if you're a fan of Steinbeck's writing, but East of Eden was an extraordinarily good read. I'd also recommend Factotum and Post Office by Bukowski for darker, more psychologically unnerving reading. Modern authors worth looking into? Early Nick Hornby for a spectacular take on the male perspective...hilarious and accurate.

  4. "The dark tower" series by Stephen king is probably my favorite novel(well 7 actually) and is classic, epic tale of good vs. evil and has a little piece of every story rolled into one. Next in line, for me, is probably Stephen king and Peter straubs "the talisman",an excellent quest story also sort of classic good vs evil. Both are great reads and nothing at all like the typical Stephen king novel(not horror at all, think more like lord of the rings). The Bachman books are also worth checking out- "the shawshank redemption"( way better than the movie) and "The body"(the movie version was called "Stand by me" and the movie is a classic the book is even better)).
    One of my favs from child hood is "Where the red fern grows"- great nostalgic story! Also as a child I really enjoyed a book called "Sister Whisper Brother Rush"- a cross between African American history and the paranormal.
    For fitness related books I've found "Super Squats"(strossen), "The blueprint"(regish) and "Better than steroids"(Wylie) to be very interesting and useful books. On a side note I read author l. Rea's "Building the perfect beast naturall"y, and found it to be very weak- written in a rambling run on sentence style, riddled with typos, and filled with shameless product plugs.

  5. Ishmael. Will make you look at life totally different.
    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
    -Jim Morrison

  6. Anything by Chuck Palahniuk.
    One of my favorite authors. He wrote "Fight Club", however that is by no means his best work.
    Some of his notable works include "Invisible Monsters, Choke, Survivor, and Haunted".
    Also anything by Neil Gaiman, and Christopher Moore.

  7. Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time." The 14 book series started over 20 years ago and is being finished some time in 2013. -My favorite.

    Terry Brooks "Shannara" series.

  8. Game of thrones is a good read
    Northern lights by Phillip Pullman is amazing, its part of a trilogy and I've only just finished the first book, but it's sooooo good!
    Jackie Chan's autobiography is awesome too

  9. Quote Originally Posted by niZmo
    I'm always looking to expand my library, any suggestions for a good read? No genre in particular.
    I'm a huge fan of "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. I read a lot and this book stands out and I always recommend it.

  10. Operation Family to be into the true crime if you want to enjoy it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by niZmo
    I'm always looking to expand my library, any suggestions for a good read? No genre in particular.
    Lone survivor by Marcus luttrell (sp?)

  12. 'Hyperion' by Dan Simmons. Great science fiction and it has many kinds of styles of storytelling, because different characters are telling their own stories. I has a sequel 'The Fall of Hyperion'. I've heard that other Simmons' books are great as well.

  13. Divergent by Veronica Roth - a Distopian Chicago is split into 5 different factions in which all 16 year olds have to choose a faction.
    After a year off, I'm back

  14. Simon scarrow's eagle series is great especially if you like roman history. Very easy to read and to get into. Also anything by Daniel silva or brad Thor, Ben Kane all great writers.

  15. Conan short stories by Robert E. Howard. They are a great read. Lots of well written action. They are a lot better than you would think.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by niZmo
    I'm always looking to expand my library, any suggestions for a good read? No genre in particular.
    The dresden files.Steven king, Craig furgeson biography, lord of the rings( I'm a nerd..go frack yourself haha ) the sookie stack house books
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  17. Propaganda ~ Edward Bernays

  18. Brotherhood of War series by W.E.B. Griffin

  19. Not sure about your political persuasion, but if you've never read The Law by Frederic Bastiat, do it. Very short; actually just an essay. It's about 60 pages or something. Easily read over a few cups of coffee, but it will certainly open thought.

    If you're interested in mob-related affairs, check out T.J. English's books. I just finished Paddy Whacked and it was a great read. He also has stuff on the Italian mafia.

    I Heard You Paint Houses is good. - That's about The Teamsters union.

    The Police and You by (pen name) Boston T. Party. - Helpful tips on how to avoid arrest and deal with police interrogation.

  20. Call to Duty by Richard Herman jr.

  21. My two favorite books of all time, and ones that I can pick up and read over and over are the "Alienist" and the "Angel of Darkness" by Caleb Carr. They are two different stories, but the Angel of Darkness is a sequal if you will to the Alienist. They are historical thrillers that take place in hoarse and carriage days in NY. Alienist is the early term for criminal psychologist/psychologist in general. A group of individuals investigate a new kind of murder they have never seen before. Very very good read. Caleb Carr is also the first author to be able to write a Sherlock Holmes story under his own name and not a Pen name in a very very long time. he also does a lot of historical and military writing.
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  22. Another good one is Hamburger Hill by William Pelfrey. I read a lot lol


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