o/t blood test results

  1. o/t blood test results

    Well I went to the docter a while back to get tested for a few things, mainly for thyroid to make sure everything was alright, since i have vitaligo and sometimes the thyroid is what causes it. Well everything was fine, but i was wondering how my levels are doing anyways.

    TSH is 3.07 uIU/ml (normal is from .30-5.00)

    The rest im not sure what they are for, so I could use some help

    VIT B12 SERUM 854 pg/ml (211-911 average)

    WBC 6.2 k/ul
    RBC 5.40 M/ul
    HGB 14.9 g/dl
    HCT 43.6%
    MCV 80.8 fl
    MCH 27.6 pg
    MCHC 34.2 g/dl
    RDW 15.3 %
    PLT 317 k/ul

    If anyone could tell me what some of those are for, that would help a lot. Its a good think i know what the thyroid levels are now, so later after a clen/t3 cycle I can get it checked to see the difference, then how I recover.


  2. I'd tell you to just search CBC and read the refs on the acronyms.. another good source you might enjoy would be GP Notebook . a UK based GP/PCP cheat sheet type site...

    Your reason for the CBC in an AAS capacity is principally to monitor
    RBC, RDW, Hemoglobin, and Hematocrit................... the latter two often
    referred to as the H&H ... Test and derivates cause your system to generate more reds and more blood volume.. when you come off the concentration of reds is sometimes outside of reference range (the same happens with runners and some athletes naturally) --- and the hemocrit can fall out of range too for reasons which principally surround the RBC/RDW issues.......

    You should have definitely ordered a comprehensive metabolic panel to check out liver health and bilirubin..... also its nice to keep an eye on the BUN, Creatinine, and BUN/creatinine but the bili and liver are bigger concerns on your list....... some people's AST, ALT, and far less often GGT jump on Delatestryl in HRT dosing...

    That TSH was sluggish in my opinion...... your GP was a putz for not ordering the Free T3 and Free T4..... no one can being to contemplate you being subclinically hypothyroid until seeing the FT3 and FT4 also --- responsibly anyway...

    Hope this helps

    WBC 6.2 k/ul --- whites --
    RBC 5.40 M/ul - reds
    HGB 14.9 g/dl - Hemoglobin
    HCT 43.6% - Hematocrit ----
    MCV 80.8 fl - mean corpuscle volume...
    MCH 27.6 pg
    MCHC 34.2 g/dl
    RDW 15.3 % - reds distribution
    PLT 317 k/ul platelets

  3. Thanks for the help. Next time I get blood done ill ask for some extra things, instead of just having done what is needed.

    So you think my thyroid is a bit low, since you said it was "sluggish", or were you referring to something else as "sluggish"?

  4. aace guidelines for the tsh upper limit to start subclinical hypo used to be 12.. they revised to 5... but in my opinion 3 is sluggish... and the vicinity of 0.9-1.0 is a nice aggressive tsh...-- especially for a PL or BB or other athlete who values enhanced protein metabolism and fat catalysis.. tsh alone isn't enough to mean anything ... i've seen ft3 and ft4 above range and the tsh slip to 2..... weird hugh.... the ft3 and ft4 are more important in my book...t3 is the workhorse... but low ft4 manifests other problems (depression a lot ) and most people who are hypo are treated with t4 these days moreso than the t3/t4 mixes (armour) and direct t3 (cytomel or a time release liothyronine) are increasingly being used by bb only and you'll see few pharmacies carrying cytomel anymore...

    if you'd like to read more about hypothyroidism--- i suggest aace standards paper--- i posted a lengthy thread on it in the last few months with a link....

    another comment -- when people do their 25-50-100 mcg t3 runs on cytomel as week 1,2,3 and then taper off for 4-6 weeks-- they make themselves very hyper.. their [bb] school of thought is to go hyperthyroid for a while and then normalize later... there are risks of arrythmia and other issues with this .. they also come off so that a quasi-permanent supplementation isn't necessary----

    personally, i've been tweaking mine permanently for almost a year... and try to keep my ft3 at top of range.. and ft4 at middle.. the tsh floats around everywhere....

    hope this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by snakebyte05
    Thanks for the help. Next time I get blood done ill ask for some extra things, instead of just having done what is needed.

    So you think my thyroid is a bit low, since you said it was "sluggish", or were you referring to something else as "sluggish"?



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