Something for the head shavers

  1. Something for the head shavers

    I found this the other day and it looked really cool. I will more than likely get me one when I shave my head this summer... it is called the Head Blade

  2. i either let my barber or my brother do my shaving, that thing looks like one mess up, and bam. cut ya head open. buy it and tell me how it goes, i might try it.

  3. From what I have seen on it... it is easy to do that it looks... you are supposed to kinda push it to shave..
    take a look here to see what I am talking about
    but like regular shaving I guess you will get cut a few times when you get started.. it also used the good blades like with the Atra razors.. Hey Ralph is that your brother shaving you head with the chain saw? LOL.. just messing w/ya

  4. no i posted that to show ya whats gonna happen you u use that thing !!

    lol my bro as well as me (hes 21) have had short hair since we were 5 or 6 y/o. he is in the marines and they sometimes give each othe hair cuts so i trust him ...

  5. Actually in the winter time my wife cuts my hair.. I usually keep about regulation length for the Army during the winter and if the mood strikes me during the summer I shave it all off...

  6. i keep a zero, high in the back, 2 on the top. so i can comb top down, but still hella short.

    during the summer im the same way, hot and humid here in new orleans so if the mood serves me, i cut it all off.

  7. Looks like it might make shaving a better experience. Using a regular blade is a bit of a pain. I've been using one for 4 yrs now, and I could use a swithch to something more comfortable.

  8. That is why I was looking at it myself.. to make it easier to shave the head and also to make it faster.. seems like it takes for ever to shave but that might be because I just hate shaving


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