A shameless plea

  1. Red face A shameless plea

    Any bros in the central CT area watching the Olympia tonight? If so could I crash your party? My ****ing cable provider is not doing it on PPV. I'm getting desprate. I would really like to see this. If anyone responds and wouldn't mind a visitor tonight, please PM me with your phone #. There's still time.

  2. Bro If it makes you feel any better if I lived in CT I'd invite you. But anyway I won't be watching it either. It's my girls birthday so we'll be out and about spending my money

  3. You will not miss much. In the past when I watched it, I was greatly disappointed.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by size
    You will not miss much. In the past when I watched it, I was greatly disappointed.
    Yeah they only show parts of the prejudging(just little clips if anything) and they show the finals. And the production values are pretty bad. One year the sound was out for most of it.
  5. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Hey Lean ONE did you get to see it. It wasn't that great. It was worth the money though. How so you say? Because it was worth it to see Ronnie Coleman at 296!

  6. No, Diddn't see it, but I knew Ronnie would lay waste to the competition. I saw pics of him at the press confrence. OMG!!


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