I always constantly hear that the average teen's testosterone and hormonal level in general is much higher than his older adult counterpart..............Does anyone have any studies or statistics on this, has it become just the 'thing' to say?

It would be interesting to see the mean average of a teen's natural test level compared to that of say a 22 year old or a 25 year old, I find it hard that they would differ in levels that much, so by that accord a 21 year old should still have fairly high natural test levels, and even that seems a bit young for AAS usage. No this has nothing to do with AAS's at all as I DON'T plan to use anything like that at all anytime soon (i'm 6'1" and would like to get to 6'2" ), though it would be also interesting to see the test levels of users when they are on cycle.

Thanks, peace love and chicken grease.