1. Propecia

    Does anyone know where to get propecia. If you do is it legit, please greatly appreciated.
    shut up and squat!!!

  2. Google it big boy

  3. Just go get from a dermatologist

  4. You better watch out!!!

    Propecia turned me into a woman, man claims

    http ://

    (remove the 2 spaces after http, not enough posts)

  5. The Pharmacy.

  6. Reevie, how long It take for u to see sideefects. And where u get ur propecia
    shut up and squat!!!

  7. Never took it. Just read that article and then came across your thread. Thought I would post it for some laughs, but good luck with finding some.

  8. I took propecia for a short while
    Its not worth it. And once u stop u drop a lot of hair


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