Need a favor from my AM brethren

  1. Need a favor from my AM brethren

    I have a friend that is trying to get his show picked up. It's a paranormal/ghost type show, but not retarded like Ghost Hunters. If you could please check out this video to get his views up, I would greatly appreciate it:

    Synopsis of the show:

    Cradle to the Grave Synopsis

    Female Intuition..that is the question? Cradle to the Grave is a reality television series featuring an all female paranormal research team, including two registered nurses, that are searching for answers to what happens to us after we leave the physical world that we know. Combining a balance of science and sensitivity, the team investigates reportedly haunted locations utilizing technology and the human senses to provide a unique approach to the paranormal field.
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  2. ill help you out brother

  3. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    ill help you out brother
    Thank you!
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  4. do you want me to subscribe to their accountant?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    do you want me to subscribe to their accountant?
    Yes, but you don't have to do so.
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  6. it takes to clicks hahaha, my gf makes videos on youtube for makeup and **** and i know how much viewers and subscribers mean to them...when she hit 1000 subs she almost pissed herself

  7. done

    Interesting niche market here.

  8. done, i love the paranormal...

  9. I'm in.
    I love supernatural, and scary stuff.

  10. Yup^^ I'm in

  11. I love nurses so I'm in

  12. Quote Originally Posted by kokobeware2 View Post
    I love doctors so I'm in

  13. A shameless bump and a HUGE thanks to everyone for the support.
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  14. Anything for Rodja! Will when i get to my comp
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  15. +1 view.. not my thing, but good luck to your friend!

  16. Pretty cool idea to have a show with all female investigators, it's something that isn't already out there. I liked and subbed. I love paranormal shows.
    I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

  17. Liked and subbed!
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  18. I HATE reality shows and do not believe in the "supernatural" but I will do it for ya

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  19. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    I HATE reality shows and do not believe in the "supernatural" but I will do it for ya
    Same here. Done.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  20. Thanks to all for the support. It's nto really my thing either, but he needs all the help that he can get with this.
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  21. I got a bunch of nuts at work that will be into this, will forward to them.


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