neck stiffness

  1. neck stiffness

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to get rid of neck stiffness
    i was in a car accident about a year ago and got bad whiplash.. anyway i went to physical therapy for a few weeks and had to stop because of work.. basically now my neck always feels stiff and i get the urge to crack it like every second... my doctor said i should do physical therapy 3 times a week but with my work schedule I just cant do it... anyone know of any supplements or anything that would help me out? its really anoying while im trying to lift.. and makes things like shoulder shrugs a pain...

  2. I bet thats a real pain in the neck!
    Sorry I couldn't help it.
    What did they have you doing in physical therapy? Anything you can do at home?

  3. Oh yeah and if you are looking for a good answer pm fresch over at hes an excellent physical therapist. I'm not sure if he is active there but he does have his own section of a forum at (the health/injury section). I know Teen bodybuilding sites deflate the ole ego but he will be able to help (not that people here cannot).

  4. they had massage machines and heat things at the doctor.. i looked into that stuff but to get the same stuff they used would cost about 500 bucks.. i tried home massagers and they didnt work well.. i cant really find a good home neck messager..

  5. i have the same prob as u..but i went through 2 bad accidents and have 2 herniated discs..the best thing for me to tell u is stay away from deadlifts and alternate squats and leg presses for awhile also pop like 4-600 mgsof advil before bed as needed..this works form me..but even at this time of the year its tough with the something ur gonna have to grit your teeth and bare and thank god u got off easy

  6. one thing that sucks is i have an allergy to all otc pain relivers.. ive tried them all and they all make me sick.. its weird I dunno why they all do that..

  7. u could always try a nor supp

  8. nor supp? you mean like 19 norandrostenedione ? how would this help? just curiuos

  9. actually meant nor-diol..nandrolone is good for the joints i.e the neck

  10. All OTC... have you tried any NSAID's? Celebrex, Mobic, etc? Also, see if your doc can Rx some Vioxx or other muscle relaxer. I dislocated several vertebrae in my neck nearly 8 years ago and never healed properly, so I *clearly* understand chronic neck pain. My spine is waaay off and I had a chiropractor make some suggestions, but like you I simply couldn't reasonably keep up 3 times a week sessions. Physical Therapy has never managed to help me for more than the day it's done. However, I have found one home-massager, for $279 at Brookstone that is Chiropractor/Physical Therapist Certified, and does work wonders. I'll post the name of it later, when I have time to check

  11. massage therapy. Serious, go somewhere where there are trainer HOT CHICS. Massage therapy I think is really overlooked.

    Give it a try.


  12. would if i had time and money.. unfortunatly im broke and work 12 hours a day.. the military is a wonderful thing.. sigh

  13. man, massage therapy sounds amazing right now. my body is so stiff....i would take a massage session from anyone (that desperate) even some dude if he knew what he was doing

  14. i meant to say trained hot chics...meaning they know what they are doing.

    if you even went an hour a week, thats 60 a week.
    or find some military chic to do it for you...


  15. heh all military chicks are either ugly or married.. for the most part

  16. try some glucosamine/chondroitin


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