What the hell???

  1. What the hell???

    So I head to the store to pick up some insulin needles for my diabetic grandfather and the pharmacist looks at my arms for a few seconds and asks why. I tell her for insulin and she asks me if I have the bottle with me so I tell her I don't make it a habit to walk around with my grandpa's insulin bottle since he needs that sort of thing. She then tells me she can't sell me the needles. I call her on it and tell her I just bought a bottle of insulin R and needles wihtout any problem at this ery location just a couple of weeks ago.

    She tells me that I can buy the needles if i'm buying the insulin...So basically I left out of there with a bottle of insulin and 100 needles. What the ****?!?!?!? I can't buy needles unles i'm buying an over the counter drug to go with it? Well grandpa was happy in the end, he gets to stock up on insulin now

  2. Dude thats messed up. I would have just went to another pharmacy. The bad thing is you have to put up with that cause you want to BUY the needles whereas a drug addict can get needles for free. Hell Im a diabetic and I cant even get em' for free.

  3. I have heard about this b/4. It sucks. I have never heard of a junkie saying, "I have all this heroin and no needle to shoot it." Just another reason why the war on drugs is idiotic.

  4. LOL, I'm just imagining the pharmacist looking you up and down trying to decide if you're a junkie.

  5. With all the stretch marks on my biceps going to my forearms all she kept looking at was my arms while talking to me...I felt like I was being violated by someone looking for track marks. lol

  6. That's awesome

  7. Monkie!!

  8. Monkie!!

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    Sup bro!

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  11. It's like a reunion in here. Quick, install the shoutbox Jason!

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    It's like a reunion in here. Quick, install the shoutbox Jason!

  13. Geez, that pharmacist takes his/her job a little too seriously. So it's okay to give needles to junkies but diabetics have to pay for them ? In the words of Vince Lombardi "What the hell's going on here"

  14. I'm waiting for CDB to show up and tell Jay this would never have happened if we'd simply end prohibition on drugs. lol

    And you know you can't argue with that point.

  15. I'd find a way
  16. Smile

    I find the foreign pharmacies to be a lot more understanding when it comes to grandpa's needs!


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