Funny FSU steriod article

  1. Funny FSU steriod article

    Among the many "juicy" tidbits

    But steroids also provide a rush, which becomes addictive. You crave the rush, physically and psychologically. This is why most people take steroids intravenously, because it hits them quicker, right before they go to the gym.
    Intravenously injecting steroids is primarily the reason for HIV/Aids being a side effect of usage, as many steroid users share needles. Not only does sharing needles cause HIV/AIDS, but also:

    "Studies show some cases where sharing needles inflames the inner lining of your heart, which can be deadly,"...
    I can see all the little HS kids trying to inject pellets IV, with a 4 guage needle.

    Steroids -- also known as gym candy, pumpers, stackers, A's, anabolics, roids, balls, bulls and juice -- have many known side effects, including cancer, liver damage, limb loss, heart disease/heart attack, baldness, HIV/AIDS, pain/difficulty urinating, and stunted growth in adolescents.
    Man, all those nicknames make me think I was reading the script to a miami vice episode.

    Read the comments that people left on the bottom of the page, they are lot more interesting then the article

  2. I like the generalization that all steroids will automatically give you "man boobs" too. Very accurate.

    And you take them intraveniously? News to me!

  3. By "limb loss" do they mean Deca Dick? I've never seen anyone's arm fall off due to steroids.

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