my 18month plan. how realistic?

  1. Question my 18month plan. how realistic?

    I plan on going to the next 2 arnolds.
    obviously I want to come in as big as i could be.
    by 06' I have a plan to be 250 7%bf.
    that is 18 months away.

    that is 50, yes i said 50 lbs of lbm to gain.

    without going nuts on gear (nuts),
    could i gain 2.7 lbs of lbm per month for 18months?

    because that is all it would take,
    I really dont see how it would be a problem with my psychotic diet and training schedule covering all of the bases, never wavering.


  2. Well if you strive to achieve that and fall short, you will have made very significant progress. As to weather or not it is achievable, who am i to say! 2.7lb a month for 18 months seems a very tall order... Go for it, just dont beat yourself up if you dont achieve it.

  3. but its more than just 50lbs of also have to lose the fat to get down to 7%.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by t_dot_porkchop
    but its more than just 50lbs of also have to lose the fat to get down to 7%.
    no lower than seven percent...he would more than likely want to compete at 3-5 percent so take a month or two off for dieting...What does the gear you are running look like as far as mgs? I would say 30 pounds is a much more achievable goal but shoot for 50 and if you get less you still did well.

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