Cold Showers

  1. Cold Showers

    I Took a Cold Shower Today before work,and i felt/feel Terrific
    are there any benefits of Cold Showers?

    ive heard brock lesner jumps in a tub of ice cold water with ice in it
    for 5-10 minutes..wassup with this?

    i also heard when on a cycle to do this

  2. somebody posted a study a while back that said after training it was beneficial to immerse yourself in cold water as it improved recovery rates. i've never tried it myself; i'll stick to creatine/whey/maltodextrin

  3. ive read on to take a hot shower then while showing switch it to cold for a couple minutes then back to hott,then back to cold and keep doing this...something about dilating the blood vessels

    i think im gonna try to cold shower thing for a while.(if its sub-zero outside i wouldnt recommend this rght before going outside,but you never know intill u try it)

  4. I don't hear much about it anymore, but in high school they always told us if we took a cold shower right after practice, we wouldn't be as sore.

  5. I believe it was Men's Health, or a mag such as, that did a report on the benefits of cold showers. It also went into ddetail concerning the cons of taking hot showers. I love hot showers, however they tend to strip the body of its natural oils and causes dryness. Cold showers after training makes sense to me. Ice is immediately used for inuries, so I would think the cold water would assist the muscles and tendons in recovery.



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