Broken rib?

  1. Broken rib?

    I was sparring last night and took a couple of good body shots. Afterwards, I noticed my right lower ribs hurting some, not badly, more just discomfort. It was uncomfortable to sleep on that side last night, but it didn't keep me up. Today I'm noticing a little more discomfort with movement. Mainly anything like reaching or bending. I've asked some friends and coworkers, and the consensus seems to be that if anything was broken I'd be in much more pain. I'm really hoping it's just bruised and sore. The pain doesn't bother me, I'm just scared of not being able to train or lift for 6 weeks if there's a break or fracture. I'm planning on going to the Dr. if it gets worse over the next couple of days. Anyone here ever break a rib/ribs? If so, how long were you out? Could I still lift within reason, or spar a 'no bodyshots' game? I know grappling would be out...

  2. Depends on how bad the break is; you may not feel any pain at all. Anyways definitely stay away from sparring all together for atleast a week. Lifting depends on how it feels but if it were me I would just take a week off and see how things go. More than likely it is just bruised badly but no reason to irritate things by not giving it time to heal.

  3. i broke two ribs last year skiing. i went for x rays after i couldn't even get out of bed for a few days. the radiologist said it's very difficult to break ribs. most of the time they are just bruised or cracked. in any event i was out for at least a month and there is really nothing that can be done to help them heal except rest. by the way, don't sneeze!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm hoping they aren't broken - I know I didn't take that hard of a bodyshot, we were only sparring afterall. I'm going to the doc in the morning to get x-rayed, just to be sure. Don't want to spar again with a break and wind up puncturing a lung! If it's broken, looks like I'm up for a few weeks of brisk walking, lol.

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