freaky stuff

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  1. freaky stuff

    supposedly this image was caught while shooting a car commercial....

  2. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    supposedly this image was caught while shooting a car commercial....
    I hate you
    really really really hate you.

  3. Damn. That actually sorta startled me.


  4. When I posted above, I had watched the clip without sound and it startled me. If I had watched it the first time WITH sound, the coroner would be explaining to my wife, right now, how I died of a heart attack that was OBVIOUSLY caused by PH use.


  5. that **** is too funny. i got so many people at work with that one.

  6. lol i swear it shook me up the first time i saw it..didnt realize i had the sound up as loud as i did..

  7. Was just playing music on the computer and watched it...thank you for my first heart attack.

  8. AHHH!
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  9. ah **** i rememebr this one, the first time i saw it i nearly shat my pants.

  10. great stuff gonna give the girlfriend a heart attack when i get home from work
  11. darius
    darius's Avatar

    Dude I'm on 25mg of M1T and the blood pressure is high enough. Not cool dude. Not cool.

    hahahaa jk

  12. lolswear to god the first time i saw it..i jumped like a bitch.

  13. HAHA got my girl this mornin!!! she wooped my ass afterwards though.. she startles very easy.. good stuff

  14. i was lookin for the ghost that **** scared the hell out of me...

  15. **** you dude I was having my morning coffe and actually picked it up off the desk rigt before that damn thign popped out. **** now I have got to clean up the desk.

  16. i have already had 2 heart attacks and that nearly ran the total to 3 - thanks

  17. MVTHER ****ER!!! I threw my laptop across the room!

    That was funny as hell once my heart calmed down! I was soo into seeing the ghost that I didn't even think this would be something like that. Great joke for being October and Halloween!

  18. lol you can tell it works because it really does piss everybody off, me included... like a complete dip**** i fall for it of course and am all leaned in when the **** hits the fan and my chest explodes Alien style.

  19. scared some people with this one thought I woudl reshare it

  20. LOL *******!

  21. Wow! The funny thing is the first time I played it the I could only hear it. Scared the **** out of me, but the second time I actually saw it and I think my heart skipped a beat.

    I got my wife with it too. Needless to say she smacked me a few times. LOL!

  22. The text at the end is in german: it says, roughly, 'So, are you awake yet?' It's an ad for a canned coffee drink ("coffee in high doses", it says).

    Glad I had the sound off - but I'm sending this to my brother-in-law: he got me w/ something similar once....

  23. that guy looks a little depleted. Too few carbs, perhaps.....maybe needs to get a good multivitamin in his regimen. And some water.....lots of lots of water. Some sun, too!

  24. I got my mother-in-law with that one over the weekend, boy was she pissed.


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