My van was robbed

  1. My van was robbed

    and as far as i can see,at least $1,300 worth of power tools were taken. What a bitch. Hey,at least i didn't have to go to work today

  2. what type of work do you do?

    we had a couple vans broken into at our shop about a month ago...bastards even got through the circle locks somehow.

    hopefully you have insurance so you can atleast get some new tools.


  4. I install cabinets. I had no padlocks or insurance. O well,i'm going to get a newer van with padlocks,an alarm,and let my 180lb pitbull sleep in it every night. I have alot of people looking for them so i hope the ******* who stole them is stupid enough to try to sell them in a bar or somewhere around town.

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