Vioxx deaths...

  1. Vioxx deaths...

    So wheres the government crackdown? The federal investigatgion? The scores of relatively innocent people having their lives destroyed by this manical chemical and its leigon of filthy drug pushers?

    Oh, its a legal pharmacutical and its made by Merk, so the 27000 deaths will just be accepted and possibly considered an unfortuneate accident. Maybe we'll see some late night sleazy lawyer add trying to drum up clientelle to sue the chem company.

    Im so glad prohormones are going to be banned! We have to get this stuff off the streets before there are any more deaths accociated with 4AD!


  2. The blaim lies with the FDA IMO. They should have required more long term studies before permitting its release. Especially with a theraputic area as large as this.

  3. Its all about the $$ bro. Im sure there are some dedicated scientists and whatnot that are genuinely trying to help people. But its buisness, its all about the bottom line.

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