Force Factor...

  1. Force Factor...

    So, anyone ever notice how ridiculous the Force Factor ads are? Makes Muscletech look like they are telling the truth. I am just amused by them.

  2. Just below this is a thread called AM's advertisers LOL where we talk about it.

  3. Never heard of it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Geoforce View Post
    Just below this is a thread called AM's advertisers LOL where we talk about it.
    haha I didn't know that. I should have checked that out. I thought it was hilarious. "He weighs 170lbs and benches 420" Not the fellers they show haha or the guy they photoshopped ridiculously huge muscles on. Like he made Branch Warren look normal haha

  5. I like how they say the same thing "He weighs 170 lbs and benches 420" and have a pic of a different guy each time who is not 170 lbs! (unless they have tooth pick legs! LMAO!!)
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