LOL my smart girlfriend

  1. Smile LOL my smart girlfriend

    I see a commercial about a civil war movie coming out ("Gods and Generals" or something like that) and was telling my girlfriend how I wanted to see it....

    she says "where was the civil war?" After a bout of laughing I ask her if she even knew who the combatants were.... "No" she says but wasnt there some guy named "Colonel Custer" and Indians involved.

    The she proceeds to tell me that WWII was in the 60's and there were "Chinamen" involved.

    LOL she is quite the Aryan and every asian person she sees she refers to as a "Chinaman". (not in a mean way)

    She is the most loving, open minded woman Ive ever been with but I dont think she paid any attention whatsoever in school.

    I told her it was okay... she gives the best blowjob Ive ever had in my life and she sends me roses to work all the time... she doesnt need to know history.

  2. Now that's a classic St. Valentine' true love story if I ever heard one. Brings a tear to my eye.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Thats funny. I'm from Canada and i know all that stuff. hehehehe. talk to ya...
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  4. BJ conquers all.
  5. LOL

    you gotta love women... besides... they dont need to know all that guy stuff anyways... heheheh

  6. Shes a keeper! LOL!

  7. I take it if you get married it will be for looks and not the smarts. I guess in their family the BJ gene is dominant and the remembering history gene is recessive.

  8. I beat you all. My gf bought me fina
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  9. Well:

    WWII, WWI, Vietnam, Civil War..........I guess it doesn't matter when she's uh...busy

    Honestly my ex had no idea about wars at all, not a clue. Military history (even the most basic) hasn't been a strong suit of many woman I've been with, and that's just fine with me.

  10. Originally posted by Bobo
    I beat you all. My gf bought me fina
    That just brings a tear to the eye!

  11. gotta love the ladies... speakin of which, I better go get my Vday **** straightened out so I don't get my ass handed to me

  12. Originally posted by Bobo
    I beat you all. My gf bought me fina
    does she have a sister whos single?
  13. ....

    HAHHAHAHAHH too funny... you guys are great.

  14. See, I don't know **** about our military history either. I understand the basics obviously and probably more than I think, but I feel like a moron whenever talking to someone who served.
  15. Well..

    Im sure you know the American civil war was in America... she didnt even know that.

    She told me later this mroning that she had a dream she was in the civil war running from the chinamen... LOL even her dreams are screwy.

  16. Funny sh*t.

  17. Id hit it.

  18. That's funny as hell, Milo. My girlfriends the same way (but she does know when the Civil War was), but she can't name many current events.

  19. I met Ron Maxwell a couple of months ago.(he's the director of Gods and Generals, as well as Gettysburg) The guy went to my high school.

  20. you give 100 americans the test an alien/non-us resident must take to obtain an US citizenship, im betting 90 of em will fail. i prefer my females a bit more knowledgable but shoot, yours sound like she making you happy (in more ways than one...udig!!!) Sage

  21. Seriously Lethal?! Ive read the book 'The Killer Angels' and 'Gods and Generals' is the follow up book, Killer Angels was a bad ass book as well as G&G, will be seeing that movie...

  22. movie looks really good, will have to look into the books

  23. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Seriously Lethal?! Ive read the book 'The Killer Angels' and 'Gods and Generals' is the follow up book, Killer Angels was a bad ass book as well as G&G, will be seeing that movie...

    I'm serious as hell, bro. I didn't even know the guy- I thought that he was some "low class" director in Hollywood. He talked about his upcoming movie "Gods and Generals" but I also thought that it was some kind of a low budget/class movie until I saw the previews on tv. He's coming to my city once again this upcoming Thursday to have a meeting/movie preview. The tickets for that event are $20.
    I'm definitely going to see the movie as I'm anxious to see his work. Oh yeah, when he was speaking, he said that his lifetime dream was to become a movie producer/director in Hollywood. Well, I guess his dream came true.


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