God Bless Anarchy But......

  1. God Bless Anarchy But......

    Things like this make guys like me think twice about this country, and it should do the same for you.....


  2. Heres the pic:
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  3. Kind of angry and proud at the same time. People who dont stand for the flag or The National Anthem piss me off like nothing else. Good post

  4. That is something that pisses me off to no end.. not respecting the flag.. It is not so much the flag but the lives of all the people that fought to defend this country and then the bunch of ungrateful people that won't even acknowledge what the flag stands for.

  5. yeah; its more along the lines of acknowledging the meaning rather than the material

  6. Thumbs down dont get it

    i cant understand these folks either. it really pisses me off too that so little respect is shown our flag..because of the people and ideals it represents. i guess they think Iraq or NK would be a better place....

  7. LOL... C-eh?-N-eh?-D-eh? kicks ass, but I generally agree with foots up asses of people not standing for the flag...

  8. I like the poem and the old man. Stand proud and strong. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  9. Well spoken, YJ. Glad to see your patriotic side emerge now and then.


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