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    i dont know in what language the site is it, but check any of the links under The Unbelivable" videóból pár részlet
    there will be a small clip of ronies workout



  2. Thanks bro, good link. They also got some good Trish Status pics on there.


  4. Thanks. The lunges outside made me laugh. The tbar rows made me think

  5. get it on kazaa, 12plates on tbar, omg crazy

  6. you should see "the cost of redemption"

    800lb squats

  7. I've seen both. Ridiculous. The 800 pound squat, 700+ deadlifts, 12-plate T-bars, 2200+ Leg Press. The man is not human! As many have said, he could be a powelifter. That's why he has density and size over so many others...he works his ass off.

  8. I believe he was a powerlifter before he turned to bodybuilding.

  9. He's a genetic freak. 1 in a million. As someone else said, if there was a way to measure myostatin, you'd probably find he has very little. Even in the presence of drugs, most people just do not keep growing like that. Crazy. I hope he stays healthy through all of this. His videos are very inspirational!

  10. Indeed he was, which is why IMO he is the top pro bodybuilder.

  11. Did you see him doing front squats with 495! like it was nothing.

  12. I think Johnnie Jackson (not sure if that's the name ) can put up big numbers like him, maybe more (at least on the three PL lifts). He's just not on Ronnie's level when it comes to bodybuilding though.

  13. If you see pics of Ronnie as a kid, before working out seriously, it's insane. On the video I have, they show his mom and SHE'S even got freaky arms for an older woman who doesn't train. He's a true freak. I'd give my left nut for half of his genetic potential.

  14. whats up with him always shaking his head in the gym?

  15. I always thought it was a reaction to stims or get a nervous twitch like that from stims. In the first video, he's cutting for contest, and I just thought he was probably on Clen and other things.

    Either that, or the sweat dripping of his forehead gets in his eyes, and as a football player, you just shake your head (since you have a helmet on), and the habit sticks.

  16. It seems like he's shaking the sweat off his face/nose.

  17. Him shaking his head kind of reminds me of the huge bison that do that in the wild.

  18. nuttin' but a peanut
  19. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
    ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday's Avatar

    Just finished seeing the Cost of Redemption and it is unfreaking believable! Very inspirational!

  20. holy crap man.. wicked vids but his legs in teh walking lunges his legs are too big almost like he had to swing his legs around one another

    Met Ronnie in person. He was weighing around 315lbs. Very cool guy. You should have seen the hottie he was with. Total hot.

    I've met Jay and Ronnie. Jay is a FREAK too. But what I like about Ronnie is during the offseason he stays LEAN. I mean the guy looks like 8wks out from a show and he's on the offseason.

    I remember seeing Jay and Art Atwood when I did the ILL. Jay was so big he made Art look like a 12 year old. And I'm not kidding. That boy is FREAKY big.

    Oh and for people who think Ronnie don't have big calves. Let me be the first to tell you in person you REALLY see how big RONNIE is. This man is THICK from every angle. I remember he came into our gym. Walked up to me. Looked down at my tattoo and asked "where's the rest room."

    Then when we walked away I got a good look at his legs and calves as he walked up the stairs. DAMN is all I can say. I've never knew a HUMAN can get that big. The only thing that resembles Ronnie and Jay are Gorillas.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  22. Damn dude! Awesome. I've never met a pro BBer...always wanted to just for sens of perspective, to understand just how much bigger they are than the rest.

    So Jay is huge in person, too, huh? He's a couple inches shorter than Ronnie, yes? Boy, the GH has done a number on him...looking more like cromagnum man everyday!

    His poses always look odd to he doesn't have the same grace and sweeping lines as Ronnie. My view is the only way he'll win Olympia is if Ronnie retires.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Brodus
    . My view is the only way he'll win Olympia is if Ronnie retires.
    Definately, but you have to worry about those IFBB judges. They seem to be notorious for screwing people.

  24. There's also that "Rags to Riches" appeal with the underdog worked his ass off and made it. He still works out at his old gym, too. I was really impressed with the guy when I watched the first video and got a peek into his life.


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