Torn meniscus(knee surgery)

  1. Torn meniscus(knee surgery)

    Anyone have surgery on this. I want to know how it went and what the % of not having to have another surgery,because my friend is going in for this. thanks

  2. Right leg, lateral...two times same injury

  3. Cool

    3 on my left knee; 1 on the right.

    It all depends how bad his knees are. Because I have orthoritis in both knees, combined with my weight and years of powerlifting, I was told to expect knee problems forever and operation every 10 years, depending on my weight over the years. Needless to say, squats and powerlifting are out of my workouts now.
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  4. I have a partially torn meniscus and have had it for years. I opted not to have it repaired.

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