where to buy quality weighted dip belt and wrist straps

  1. where to buy quality weighted dip belt and wrist straps

    any good online places to look into?


  2. I bought my wrist wraps at a local athletics store for under $20. Very handy and robust, have even lent them around to others pulling similar or heavier weight than I without fail. Don't really need anything special for this.

    I also feel like dip belts aren't too special (the generic ones at all my gyms have been fine), but I dont think the ones at elitefts are too pricy by any means.

  3. well my gym doesnt see the need to use the dips belts so imma just buy my own. plus im lazy and prefer to have it shipped!

  4. prowriststraps.com Good people and good products there. Got my belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps there and definitely satisfied.
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  5. thanks, i will look into them

  6. These are the wrist wraps that I really like right now.

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