Muscular dysmorphia

  1. Muscular dysmorphia

    Wasn't sure where to put this, mods, please move at your discretion.

    Anyone here heard of it/diagnosed with it? I know a lot of us have some sort of body image distortion, why else would we want to be that massive.

    I've considered getting a shrinks opinion on the matter, but figure its pretty obvious that I have a messed up self image and would rather not waste the money.

    I know I am pretty bad with it. I have blown off hookups/dates so I wouldn't miss a workout. I can't say that I am fairly large in my opinion because I honestly don't see it. I'm 5'7.5, 187lbs (most recent weight check), 17 inch arms, 28 inch waist, rest is in proportion to that (will spare the various numbers). You get the point. I still see myself as that 5'7 120lbs wet wimp from highschool. Anyone else deal with this or have crazy stories of skipping obsurd events to go to the gym?
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    This is a steroid forum, lol, we are all pretty much muscle dysmorphiacs. I bet you it was a bunch of skinny nerd doctors who didn't have the time dedication to get big, so they said "big" people have a disease, and invented the term "muscle dysmorphia". It's not really a bad thing, but too much of anything can be bad. When it starts hurting friends/family/work/etc, then it probably becomes a psychological problem.

  3. My issue was a little bit different. For the first 4 years of working out, I did nothing. My g/f would come over, but that's about it. I missed going to parties, concerts, etc. b/c I didn't want to miss a workout. I would also not go out, b/c I didn't want to miss a meal (every 3 hours). While this payed off big time, I had missed out on a lot of things in life. Now I try to balance these things in life. Be as strict as possible, but still get out and have some fun.

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