Just wanted to introduce my training partner

  1. Just wanted to introduce my training partner

    Well I finally got my training partner to head over here and check out the site. You guys welcome Gnut.. he is a grood bro and I think he will be a valued member here.

  2. say hello gnut...(ha) a friend of mattD, a friend of ours. welcome man. Sage

  3. Hi Gnut!

  4. Gnut, where are you?

  5. lol, the welcoming committee is here but no gnut hehehe

  6. Don't think he has made it in from work and school yet.

  7. eh, just being fashionably late... hehe... welcome, Gnut...

  8. hey gnut, welcome! Now where the hell are you?

  9. welcome aboard g-nut , were waiting.

  10. Looks like someone doesnt want to claim their workout partner..... he might be pissed you dropped those 10lb dumbells on his foot...

  11. LOL.. true.. I told him to move his foot Actually, I think that tonight he has class till 8 pm..

  12. Gnut you are welcome, but please keep your friend (Matthew D.) outside. j/k MD.

  13. LOL.. I knew that this place had to have a no pets allowed policy... I knew it

    but being the pet I couldn't read
    Last edited by Matthew D; 02-13-2003 at 06:29 AM.

  14. here gnut gnut..wooo eeee kikki...gnut!..lol..well welcome anyway..lol

  15. Hmmmm, nearly 2 years now and Gnut still haven't claimed his spot here. Please someone go and wake him up.
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  16. welcome gnut

  17. Nothing to see, here..

    Hello, 2yr old threads should be left where they are..

  18. G has been busy since then.. he and his wife have a little one now.. and he is about 6 months old if memory serves me right

  19. seems like gnuts nuts been busy.

  20. He got his gnut What a gnut!


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