Those girls are a trip

  1. Those girls are a trip

    Do any of you remember your years in Grammer or High School? If you were an athlete, do you remember the "really" smart girls?

    You know. The ones that did REALLY well in all of their classes. They did well in Math, English, History and etc. They were not "all" that pretty but looked okay and very smart.

    Did any of you date those type of girls, just to have her do your homework or tutor you for free,lol?

    I was just remembering a girl I dated in Grammer School. We dated for about "two seconds." I was a stupid ass in Grammer School and she use to do most of my home work becuz she liked me.

    Did any of you have that?

  2. Not me... From about 5th grade through sophmore year in college I was the fat nice smart guy that did homework for girls because I liked them and really wanted them to like me... Too bad that **** didn't work at all! Oh well... Time to use the "grown and (getting) sexy" approach as my friends call it.

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  3. I was manbeast from like 4th grade - the start of highschool, didn't work for me either. Then I discovered a gym

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