My new son

  1. My new son

    How can you not love this kid? He's the cutest thing i ever saw,and i'm not saying that just because he's mine ...... I NEED sleep. Forget my whole workout plan..... He was born Sept 5th at 4:15am and my wife was through hell. She couldn't get the epidural because she went from 2cm to 10cm in just a couple hrs. By the time the nurse checked her again,she was almost fully dilated and when she heard the nurse say that she new she couldn't get it. She was in serious pain crying screaming. Man,i got to a point where i was just about to break out in tears because i've never seen her in pain like that but i knew i had to pull myself together,so i did. Everyone said i was calm but only i knew i was dieing inside. I saw it all and you can watch all the TV shows or movies you want but until your there,you can never imagine what it looks like. It's just amazing how it happens. I still can't believe he's really mine. He was born 8 lbs 11.9 oz at 21 1/4 in. He's now 9 lbs. We can't sleep because we're so worried and always looking in his crib to see if he is ok. Anyone know anything i can do to help me get by with only a few hrs sleep each night,because i'm going back to work on sat and then starting again next week. We just feed him and my wife passed out on the couch so i'm going to see if i can get some sleep before we feed him again. Just wanted to post some pics. take care everyone
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  2. Congratulations bro. Not sure about the sleep thing. Maybe cut back on your training (if you'll be doing any).

  3. That's a good lookin' boy you got there, congrats man. I know what you mean, with both our kids I was up every hour just to make sure they were still breathing

  4. Congrats! You'll get used to the sleep deprivation, and it will get better, lol. For my second child, we got an angel care 'movement monitor'. It detects very slight movements (breathing), and if no movement is detected for 20-30 seconds, an alarm sounds. BébéSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor w. Sound Monitor w. Two Parents' Units: Baby There's a link, but you may be able to find one cheaper. They do offer peace of mind and let you sleep a little. We still use ours on our 3 year old - not to make sure he's breathing, but to let us know he's out of his bed and on the loose!

  5. Congrats bro! Hope you grab some sleep, just take shifts with your wife, it works pretty well.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. mine boy is 17 months already. i too have not worked out consistantly. either due to lack of sleep or time. i am lucky to have a wife that is such a good mother. if you have any problems, i'm always checking out this site(even though i don't lift as much), shoot me a pm. god bless.

  8. CONGRATS!!!! mine was 3lbs so he was in the hospital for 2months before we got to have him home.... it was so hard having to leave him there. i went up there 2 times per day for 2 straight months. we couldnt even hold him for about 3 weeks so you know we were in our glory when we finally got to hold him in our arms.....anyway he is up to 20 lbs now and he is 7 months old now... has totally changed everypart of my life. i just got seperated from the army national guard because i want him to grow up having a dad and i wanted to see him grow. my unit was getting ready to go overseas again so im glad they booted me..................

    once again congrats bro!!!!!

  9. Congrats.. nothing like a new baby to make you lose sleep
    have a great time being dad..

  10. Congrats on the new daddy status!! You're right he is damn cute!

  11. Congrats man! Don't obsess about the training, enjoy all the time you get with the little guy. I'm sorry to hear your wife had such a rough go of it - just proves pregnant women are tougher than us guys!

  12. Congratulations. Being a good father and mother is a noble act.

  13. Congrats my wife is due any day now!!!

  14. Congratulations man..That is so cool!! My wife and I are expecting a son in 4 months I cant wait,already have a 20year old daughter who is the apple of my eye..Good luck

  15. Congrats wife and I just found out we are expecting another. Good luck.....God bless.

  16. Congrats! It won't be long till your experimenting with high cal formula enhancement. Strawberry whey is a big time knock-off, and mamma no likey!


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