Thoughts, Expertise, or Expierence with the dreaded MONO virus.

  1. Thoughts, Expertise, or Expierence with the dreaded MONO virus.

    My 15 year old sister has contracted MONO, she is quite attractive, as are all the women in my family, so you can imagine how easy it was for her to get it. I just wanted some feedback from people who may have had it, or know something about it. Is there things you can do in the supplement world to improve recovery or help ward off long lasting effects? Anything you can contribute would be most appreciated.

  2. ww7, i know that recovery from mononucleosis depends on someones psyhological state. someone who is motivated to be back to their everday strength and ways, has beenn known to recover faster. (ie if someone is depressed, which is a symptom of mono, the recovery state could last longer man). One with mono should be active (being careful and getting the go from the physician) dont have her stay in bed and at home, being sorry for herself. No cure for mono my friend. penicillin and other antibiotic is good to get rid of any infection in the throat and tonsil area...(which again is effected with someone with mononucleosis) If your sis has a fever and/or sore throat, derivatives of cortisone can be used to suppress symptoms. (although i believe its not very routine) ask the physician. Sage

  3. Thanks, yeah she has all the throat and lethargy issues. She can barely move at times and when she does simple things she is exhausted for a full day afterwords.

  4. Mono affects the liver as well, hence her being so tired. I had mono when I was a teen and I was in bed for about two weeks and still not fully recovered about two months later, and mine was considered a mild case. She needs rest, maybe ALA to help protect the liver but I am no expert on that. Maybe YJ would no better about that.

  5. I had mono a long time ago and then a few years after, I contracted another similar virus but it wasn't identified as mono. They had a bunch of doctors look at me, but they could not say exactly what it was. I had to go to the hospital because the back of my throat was bleeding and I wouldn't swallow or eat because of the pain. After an IV and some extra strength ibuprofen, I was A-ok. They sent me home after a day or two and I immediately started to get high fevers again and would shake terribly. It felt like I was FREEZING but my temp was actually really high 103,104. Shortly after, the virus made way until my mouth filling it with blisters and sores that would tear if I laughed or smiled. After a couple weeks, I finally got back to normal but it sucked. I just had to let the thing run its course. I didn't really use any supplementation or know if it would even help but vitamins will never hurt

  6. I had mono in unversity got it the same time as I got Pheumonia(sp) lots of fun. I had to write off one semester of school. I could not wake up for my 4pm classes, it lasted a term. All I did was sleep. like 16 hours a day. Lost weight as I was not awake enough to eat much. Lasted about 4 months.
  7. Unhappy sorry to hear about your sister

    i had mono a few years ago and fortunately it was a mild case. dr just said there wasnt anything they could prescribe...just rest and all. i was off work for a week and a half....mainly just felt tired..but could still get out...from what I know best just to rest and not overdo it. some severe cases require a hospital stay tho.

  8. i also unfortunatly had mono back about 10 yrs ago. i had chronic fatigue,lethargy, and i also lost a lot of weight. it took about 6 weeks to run its course for me, but it got a little better every week. make sure you stress to her to try to take in fruit juices and other fluids. a multivitamin would also help alot, cuz its just hard to eat. tell her to try to be as normal and active as possible, cuz if not you can really feel down. hope this helps, and good luck to her.

  9. I also had mono a few years back. My day consisted of waking up , going down stairs, then falling alseep when I got downstairs Mine only lasted two weeks or so. I lost alot of weight. BEST abs ever though Dont know how I treated it. It just sort of went away.




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