Portable Music Player Reviews...

  1. Portable Music Player Reviews...

    Thought Id start a thread like this - might be useful for those looking for a portable music player. I couldnt find one with a search...I remember when i went to buy one - the time I spent pouring over specs on different products. Would have been easy if someone just told me what was good

    I currently use a Nex2 mp3 player from Frontier Labs. Plays compact flash memory, its pretty spiffy. Controls are easy to work without looking at it.

    Those Sony minidisc players are pretty cool, too (the 505 and 707)


  2. I picked up a Samsung YEP.. i have the 32 Meg version, and it was 50 bucks.. its
    very compact and can hold 60 minutes at 96kbps.. not great quality... but its solely
    for use in the gym, while working out.. so over the noise in the gym, it sounds fine... I love it...

  3. I have a Nomad Jukebox 3, 40 GB version...uhhh here's my Pro's and Cons

    - Good sized HD
    - Fast transfers (if using Firewire. the usb connection isn't too bad, but just not as fast)
    - Nice battery life (11 hours stock, expandable to 22 hours)
    - Easy to use

    - Somewhat 'bulky'

    Overall grade...."ow ow material"/A-

  4. Rio Nike|PSA Play 60....piece of **** from rio but the philips one looks badass. i made the mistake of getting one from sonicblue.

  5. i have a samsung yep 30s i believe (love it) no bigger than the length and thickness of your smallest three fingers and weights nothing. mine is 64megs...however, the only bad thing bout it though is it battery life. i have a recharger triple aaa so no big deal. I really really recommend this one and get it off ebay too. Got mine for 76 after shipping and thats more than half the price anywhere else. Sage



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