Seems to be the month of...........

  1. Seems to be the month of...........

    Well this seems to be the thing....HUGE decsions that effect our lives, ( bean's post ) and now mine................

    I am shutting down for awhile, I haven't been online lately anyway, due to AOL he**, and the email it won't really come as a shock...........

    I am sick, and now i have to worry about me, my health, and I thank you for responding to my posts, and giving me the info I needed......You gave me a direction to go in......I also know this is going to be hard so I do it alone.......

    One day you will see my name back, ( I hope) and I can post that i kicked the sickness in the ass......... BUT until than thank you for all the advice, and the laughs............

  2. Stay strong, girl.

  3. Hang tough lady... call if you need anything.. and I mean that..

  4. You needn't go it alone, but if you do know that we are praying for your speedy recovery. We're here if you need an ear to hear you, a shoulder or whatever.

    Take care Jeepy.

  5. Hang tough, we're here for ya!

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  6. good luck!!! stay strong and you can do what you gotta do...

    I can tell you from experience though; do not shut out friends; online may be ok; but your friends in real life; do NOT shut them out...
    everyone needs friends, even the biggest hardasses; we are social creatures by nature's design

  7. Jeepy will be just fine.. I plan to bug her constantly about staying strong, so the most that'll come from this is she'll need a therapist after her other issues are over with..

  8. I am trying, it's just soooo damn hard!!!!!!!! I want to punch something till it hurts as much as I do, and I mean punch it hard..... And now it's effecting my damn workouts.........But thank you to all for the kind words
    Start cheering, cheerleader !!!!!!!!!You got one quarter.....( football)


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