Has anyone ordered from this company?...

  1. Has anyone ordered from this company?...



    anyone order from them?  If so how long did it take for your stuff to get to you? 



  2. I know a lot of guys get clomid from there I believe.

  3. I believe YJ has a link for them in his Sig. I havent heard anything bad.



  4. i ordered clomid from them on the 29th..i mean im not complaining, but i figured it would be here already.  Priority mail and all.



  5. i love those guys. chemripped is the man . my order took 4 days with the weekend. i ordered it on a thursday. the stuff comes from tampa fl. very well packed and very good customer service.


    Great service!! Only took 3-4 business days.

    I love companies like that.....

  7. Gonna take 10-12 days on the clomid partner, its VERY popular right now, chill a bit.

  8. cool thanks...


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