I need to know if anyone on this board knows anything about computers? I had a personal issue and I wanted to email you in private to ask for your advice and help.


  2. Hey Nute I mess with computers as a hobby...PM me with your problem,ill give it a whack..

  3. Madman I sent you the PM. Let me know what I can do or is there nothing I can do. Thanks bro.

  4. If Madman can't answer your question than feel free to email me @ my email address. I won't be able to take a look at it until I get home this afternoon.

  5. MadMan if you cannot answer then pass the PM's I sent you over to Npursit.

    Remember guys this is between me and you two. Keep this on the down low. Thanks guys.

  6. I sent you a pm...Nute soory it took so long im at work..hope it helps..I will forward to Npursuit as well..

  7. If this is regards to porn, I want in

  8. Clean that hard drive Nute!...LOL.

  9. HeHe you guys are funny....


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