Rugby Anyone?

  1. Rugby Anyone?

    Any of you ever played rugby before? There is a team here that I am supposed to start practicing with this week. I have never played before and know virtually nothing about the game except that I will get to hit people without pads getting in the way. A few guys I know who have played every sport there is, including college football, tell me that rugby is the best game they ever played. Thoughts, comments, advice?

  2. I used to play. Played a long time ago. Its hard as hell, but also one of the funnest(is that a word?) sport there is. Be in shape, and be strong. They will teach you all you need to know in practice, good luck.

  3. I played throughout high school. Really enjoyed it. Most of it is mucking around in the trenches, so there isn't the huge number of high speed, high impact hits football produces. None the less its darn fun to latch into a scrum and just drive the opposition down the field with brute power and strength. You really have to laugh when some poor bugger can't take the pressure and falls down, only to be stepped all over by 5+ men.

    I'm sure you'll love playing - remember being a hooker is not a negative thing in rugby.

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