A Little Story about BIGPOPPAPUMP

  1. A Little Story about BIGPOPPAPUMP

    For those interested of course

    So Im at bb.com today because Im a little down and out abut closing the gym, so I decide to entertain myself and get a few laughs by browsing those "forums". I come across a new thread wanting to know where all the good members went and my name was mention, so of course I read on. Well ABC_Boxer said I was a good member and wondered where I went (never talked to this guy before but he seems cool as hell) well Layne comes in and says I was out of hand with flaming (which we all know by now is not the reason I was banned from bb.com, just a lame cover up). So I was cool with that, as long as he kept his mouth shut, which he's learned by now is a good idea.... so then here comes BPP who says "I agree", spelled correctly, I was shocked, but let me tell you BPP what "out of hand is"

    Out of Hand is is registering the name K (same) at a board full of his brothers and members who respect him like no other, you registered his name here and pretended to be him, which is very lame to say the least, so you know what? I said **** it, let BPP have his little games and fun, so I banned that name. Then decided to check the IP, what do you know, it matched your's perfectly BPP, so when I called you out, actually in a friendly manner, instead of being a man and saying you did it for some laughs, you lied like a little bitch and blamed it on your friend, lame. Then I *still* said **** it and let you post here and what not, then you decided to be cute and make posts wishing death upon K (same) which is totally unaccpetable to do on anyone, not just our close friend. So I banned you. Then you preceeded to register 6 more names, things like "YJsACoward", lame, so I banned them all... then I got to your site you modded at (more on this later) musclem.com and found out I was banned. I was shocked that you would ban me there because I banned you here. So I flamed you to high hell a few times and forgot all about it.......

    Part 2: True Life BPP: Im a piece of ****
    So I get a PM from Hooker at www.bodybuilding4life.com (shamless plug of a good board ) saying you were banned as a mod AND member. After Im done laughing, I go check it out.... sure enough, you were banned... who wants to know why?! Ok ok, here's why: Well we all know how ignorant BPP is and doesnt know **** (seriously) and should have never been a mod in the first place. Well BPP would edit my posts and misspell words for me, change words around to make me look almost as ignorant as him.... see you cant have a mod like that at your board and expect it tp be successful. not gonna happen. Well BPP then got the balls to edit moderators posts at the same board. Yes! He would debate with other mods at his board and then change their words around! LMAO! Are you serious?? So hooker checked his PMs and he was sending bigjay00 PMs explaining how funny it was what he was doing.... so needless to say he was banned from bein a mod.....

    Part 2: Summary

    So chalk this board and musclem.com for boards who flame BPP to high hell..... but wait.... dont know if anyone went to Bolex when he posted his pics. and everyone laughed so hard he took them down and cussed them left and right and threatened to tell the admin. on them! LMAO. And everyone hates him at bb.com because he BEGS to be a moderator there and he gets on everyone's nerves. So BPP, some advice, before you go register respect board member's names at other boards, think first fat ****.... and next time you agree with someone being out of hand, read this first.

    His probable response:

    "yj, ur just jelous i thot u were asom becus u helped me with my diat but then u flamed my pitchers"

  2. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    His probable response:

    "yj, ur just jelous i thot u were asom becus u helped me with my diat but then u flamed my pitchers" [/B]
    LMAO great read bro I love BPP's grade 1 spelling and grammar lol.

  3. LOL.. thanks for the story YJ.. it was a classic as usual... what a dumbass..

  4. lol wow

  5. lol...that guy is such a ****ing moron...

    p.s. YJ - what do you mean by:

    Im a little down and out abut closing the gym
    did you own a gym?

  6. Yes, its a gym/wellness center/rehabilitation center, among other things...

  7. sorry bout the gym yj..bpp is a whole toolbox..lol

  8. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Yes, its a gym/wellness center/rehabilitation center, among other things...
    Sorry to hear the news man, stay strong...

  9. Damn bro.................sorry about the gym. What the hell is up with BPP anyway?? What an ass!!! lol



  10. also sorry bout your news YJ. however, i do remember you and BPP little ordeal when that dude was on here. he would use slang/his own language, one that i didnt even understand what the hell he was talking about....he's got craftsman written all over his face....such a tool. thanx for shring man Sage

  11. asom post, yelojackt!

  12. well well well, isn't this interesting?? i knew he was dumb as dirt, but i didn't know he was a psychotic. he always played the mr. niceguy card to me. bah, well, goes to show, peeps aren't always what they seem.

  13. yj...man sorry about the gym....that really stinks. wish you the best man. and as for bpp, well, i jus consider the source...heh

  14. Originally posted by bigpetefox
    asom post, yelojackt!

  15. hey yj.
    that pretty much sums it up bro. he proved that he is the ultimate ass clown. good read bro.

  16. Sorry about the gym Bro'. Best of luck.

  17. Now that was a funny ass story.

    I am sorry to hear about your gym. Now you gotta start paying for memberships, like the rest of us regular guys.


  18. Sorry to hear 'bout your gym bro. The boy gets on my nerves too.


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