Whoa...New "Download Thread" Feature

  1. Whoa...New "Download Thread" Feature

    I just wanted to point this out to those that haven't seen it yet. Now you can download a thread, and it exports it to TXT. It's pretty ****ing nasty.

    If you want to do it, there's a little link at the bottom of the thread that says "Download This Thread" or something to that effect.....

  2. Hows this quick reply box treatin ya Sheesh?

  3. It is awesome isn't it?! I saw that one day and never realized that could be an option, very cool.

  4. i like this quick reply...with dial up service, not having to go to one extra page is huge for me (pretty sad actually) a good addition. One thing i always felt would be nice (if possible...not sure if it is) is to have the "go to first unread post" tab stay in affect until one closes the anabolicminds window. What im saying is...if i step out or away from the list of new threads for a bit, the next time i click on a thread, the "go to first unread post" is gone and i have to drag down to read the first post i havent read yet. I dont know, be nice to keep the feature in effect a bit longer or until one closes the window itself. Sage

  5. The intent of this forum is to provide cutting edge information on a range of topics and I felt it only appropriate that we facilitated the member efforts in saving the threads. It definitely hits the spot for all those articles YJ posts!

    Another option that is seldom used is the "Back Up" PM's in your control panel. If you select this option it will save all the messages in your inbox and sent folders to one HTML file. This way you have a record of PM's instead of just deleting them



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