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  1. Originally posted by Matthew D
    what screen res are you using Lethal? that might be the problem.
    What do you mean?

  2. alright I'm used to it now... don't really like that it's all ****in squashed into the middle of the screen, but it's cool... I really like the who's in chat list.

  3. okay if you are on a Windows computer right click on your desktop and then go to properties. Click on the tab at the top marked Settings then look to the right bottom of the dialog box.. read me the set of numbers under the slider. That is the screen resolution Lethal.. btw, I am not trying to be a smart ass.. I teach so sometimes I get carried away with the step by step instructions..

  4. I'm using 1024x768 resolution, so it does all fit in my screen, but it is squashed in the middle slightly. I set mine back to 800x600 to see what that was like and if you guys can comfortably change it, I would. You'll probably want at least a 17" monitor though IMO, or else everything will look tiny at first. Very cool design, thumbs up!

  5. i agree with yj i need some lighter colors..damn eyes r killing me,overall though great layout and kool quick response..i already abused that feature in the daily fun

  6. Way cool.
    Someone has done a damn good job here - I've subscribed to loads of different forums, different topics, but this one looks the business.

  7. looks neat no karma tho

  8. Theres karma, its back!

  9. Site looks cool!!!! The whole page doesnt fit on my screen though Other then that, Im liking it



  10. ok how about a link to the chatroom

  11. At the top brother...

    Very top...its a tab, right under the AnabolicMinds banner

  12. (1) The professionally designed skin was paid for by a donation from an anonymous member that doesn't want his identity revealed. He obviosuly believes in the board philosophy and gives without desire for reward. He not only gets karma but also my respect...

    (2) The logo is being designed as we speak and it will be more inline with the current skin.

    (3) You can get back to the main page by using the links at the bottom of the page (link = Main Page).

    (4) The scroll bars will be taken care of directly.

    (5) The karma system is still intact and can be referenced under your avatar.


  13. This one is MUCH easier to use... although it needs some karma, and download thread feature

  14. This is what FitnessGeared uses....wait till you guys see Orbitz...

  15. i thought i made a wrong turn. looks good.

  16. any sites that use orbitz we can checkout yj?

  17. If you go to FitnessGeared, and "user CP" and then down to change skin, Orbitz is one of their skins, its not a huge deal, but its a light background and I like it.


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