The Rabbit is alive and back again!!!!

  1. Talking The Rabbit is alive and back again!!!!

    Hey Bro's
    Been awhile since i last posted (a long while)
    Between training clients and life's everyday BS,there just wasn't time to post.
    Here's what's been going on here.

    1) Became Night Mananger at the GymX here in Temple,Tx
    money and commisions on sales were to good to pass up.

    2) Been out of the game for 8 wks. with a chipped elbow
    which really sucked. Had to drop out of a show because of it!!
    If any of you have had this prob you know how it SUCKS!

    3) Still training clients while working all night. Makes getting my beauty sleep in during the day strange but my body is getting use to it.

    4) Setting up a web site, just for the hell of it.

    Now I'm back into the game and all,my wife should be happy
    This not lifting and training clients and managing the gym was getting to be allitle rough.
    Talk about rage it was getting bad at times.

    Starting a "dark" transdermal so lifting should be getting good results.
    Peace for now

  2. GR.. great to hear from you.. I have been wondering what you were up to.. and besides the cracked elbow..pretty good

  3. Good to see you again my brother. I myself have been away a long while Sorry to hear about the elbow but everything else seems to be going great!



  4. Gary! Bone! Welcome back guys.

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  5. Thanks Bro's
    It's good to be back HOME.

  6. Hey Gary, great to see you back around!

    Sounds like you're doing quite well besides that elbow. Whats your weight at?


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