the Vampire Hammer Assain

  1. the Vampire Hammer Assain

    I think its some sort of desiese that makes you jump on the hammer machines and start going crazy.  I ve seen it strike after I do a set of hammer curls with 3 45 plates.  when i get up before i can strip the weight a infected person comes over and ask to work in.  I reach for the weight and they say "leave it on."  then they proceed to do this rocking full-body-curlaroll.  Then they follow me and my training partmer around from machine to machine.  whats even worse is that the one at my gym has infected another guy.  now there is two of them and im afraid they may infect others.  I figure if we could all get together and find the head Vampire Hammer Assain and kill him then maby we could stop them from spreading.  here are the symptoms:

    1.  they have extreemly short shorts

    2.  they do atleast 2 hours of cardio before the come int the gym

    3.  the love to follow the guys who are twice there size.

    4. they offer there advice when they try to infect you.

    5.  they may have been working out for years but there Vampire Hammer Assain desiese prevents them from ever showing improvement.

    the most noticable trait is the slamming of the weights and the casual glance as they look to see whos watching.  looking for there prey.  you have been warned.  fear for your saftey. 

    do not look directly into there eyes.  post if you see'em

  2. I have no f***ing clue what the hell you are talking about

  3. youve nerver gone to the gym and seen the guy going ape**** on the machines.  ther infected.

  4. nah not much because we don't have many machines in our gym.. but I understand what you are saying

  5. Originally posted by Matthew D
    nah not much because we don't have many machines in our gym.. but I understand what you are saying
    no machines you say huh? my current gym full of em (shaking head) being on staff there, i have to promote this thing called "Fitlinxx" which basically is your electronic training log (recording weights, sets, reps, blah) on all the machiens. Being the good employee that i am, of course i tell them this is worseless and tell em only tools need a little graph of the range of motion to follow when doing a bicpe curl on the machiens for instance. And if the person is hot...ill show em the ropes with free weights (ha) someone has to right? (wink) Sage

  6. man Fitlinxx is some goofy bull**** in my opinion... if you're too goddam lazy to bother even writing down or trying to remember what you should be doing... I mean hell I think I'll patent a new device called the 'Fit-Effort-Not-Required' that, working in conjunction with Fitlinxx, will actually raise and lower the weights for you, so all you have to do is sit in the machine and watch your little data on the screen.

  7. LoL Sage yes we have some machines but it is mostly hammer strength and there just a few of those.. we are a pretty hardcore bb gym. If fact, our owner is working on gettng his pro card, at least I hope he will this year.. fininshed 3 overall in the Pittsburg Show. I know he is going to be doing the Alabama this year and also the Show in Gadsden Alabama...


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