TeenBB.com Back Up & Running

  1. TeenBB.com Back Up & Running

    Mike made a good decision and got his site back up www.teenbb.com Im sure a lot of you guys know about it and even visited, I encourage you to check it out, but leave your flamethrowers here.... its a basix site and the mods are very good, BigBenn mods there, Luke530, Healthy 'N Fit, etc. so its not a total newbie course, but its just what it should be.....


  2. I think that's great news, and I hope it attracts enough good kids to make it a useful resource. Definite potential, props to the mods over there.

  3. Definatley glad to hear this.  That site was decent and with the people over there, the potential is definatley high.  Just need to recruit some more teens.
  4. Cool

    Woot. Now a lot of the teens will leave this BB.com..


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