--Please let me know if this is the wrong forum to post this in, and if so, where I should repost it--


Not sure if this is really the right forum to post, but I created my own supplement that I'm looking to have people try out in an informal study (free). It was based on my unique experience of finding, serendipitously, a combination that *dramatically* reduced my cravings for cigarettes. As in, I was smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and after a few days on full dose of this combination, my smoking naturally went down to 5 cigarettes a day. I just didnt get the periodic cravings. The supplement is a stimulant+herb+supplement combination that effectively seemed to replace the need for stimulation that nicotine provided.

So I'm trying to determine if this effect will occur in other smokers and at what dose, and i'm looking for people willing to try it out. I got these supplements professionally produced by a large, GMO certified manufacturer and have 1000 bottles done. The idea is that it's far easier to eventually quit by first slowly reducing your smoking to a minimal level -- a very different strategy than what is currently suggested. I no longer smoke, and I could never really quit with bupropion or the patch.

If you're a smoker (not sure how many folks on this forum are) and are willing to try, *or know a smoker in your life who has tried quitting and just can't do it*, please message me and let me know your smoking and health details, what medications your on, etc. Happy to talk about product details at that point too.

I'm looking for 10 or so people willing to try the combination out, and eventually will be looking for folks interested in helping me market and sell the product via network marketing. There's really nothing like this on the market today, but I only want to put this out there if it actually works for other folks like it did for me. I myself am bipolar and have a pretty unique brain chemistry, so it may not be effective for others.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.