new to this site, can some please help me with this problem?

  1. new to this site, can some please help me with this problem?

    i got told by doc i have low testosterone, 232, i have normal thyroid test they said, i have terrible anxiety problems, i mean so bad my ears are rining none stop. my body temp is always in the high 96's to low 97's, i feel misarable, this anxiety is crazy, i'm not thinking about anything and my adrealine is just pumping away, i dont no where else to look or what to ask. thanks for your time

  2. Your doctor is probably the only one to help you at this point, hasnt he offered any assistance?

    Relax, life is good, we all will go through health issues at one point or another. Worrying about it will make things worse, applying your positive energy into just getting treated and healthy is the way to go.
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